Precision Medicine Research Fellowships at FIMR

The University of Notre Dame (ND) and Feinstein Institute for Medical Research (FIMR) Precision Medicine Research Fellowships are competitive awards given annually to highly qualified undergraduate and graduate students from Notre Dame that enable them to spend eight weeks in summer residence conducting laboratory and clinical research at the Feinstein Institute in Manhasset, New York.

It is anticipated that four summer fellowships will be awarded in 2018 – to two undergraduate students and two graduate students. The fellowships are concurrent with FIMR’s existing visiting scholars program, which takes place from approximately June 1 to July 31 each year. Only students enrolled in the University of Notre Dame through the end of the fellowship period are eligible to apply.The Feinstein Institute, which is part of the 21-hospital Northwell Health system, recruits more than 15,000 patients each year into over 2,100 studies. These fellowships, sponsored by Advanced Diagnostics & Therapeutics and its Precision Medicine program, afford Notre Dame students an opportunity to experience hands-on research in a world-class setting.

Each student applies to work in a specific lab at FIMR and, thus, must understand the interests and capabilities of participating labs before submitting an application. Please refer to this document for a description of participating labs for 2018.

  • As in past years, we are hosting an information session for Notre Dame students to learn more about the program and participating labs. This year's session will be held on Wednesday, November 15, 2018, from 5 -7 p.m. ET in 141 McCourtney Hall. All interested students are encouraged to attend. 


The online application for the Summer of 2018 is now live - Precision Medicine - Feinstein Institute Fellowship (DO NOT fill out or submit the online application at the Feinstein Institute's website for their own internships--those will not be accepted by this program). The application requires a CV, transcripts, faculty recommendation letter, and a list of the top three FIMR labs each student would like to work in. All applications must be received by 5 p.m. ET on January 15, 2018.

Awardees will be notified of their selection on or about March 1, 2018.

Undergraduate Students: Each undergraduate student receives a total stipend of $5,600 ($700/week for eight weeks) to cover daily living expenses.

Graduate Students: Awards to graduate students are treated as paid internships and equal the current summer stipend rate for graduate students or $5,600 for the eight week period, whichever is greater.

For all students, the cost of transportation to and from FIMR and their home or campus is covered (within reason and subject to approval). The Feinstein Institute provides apartment housing on the institute’s campus, which is a 30-minute train ride from New York City, at no cost to the fellows.

Requirements of awardees:

  • All students who receive an award must complete and sign all necessary FIMR documents, including a Visiting Scholar Agreement and Questionnaire, before they can start their fellowship. In doing so, they agree to comply with all of the institute’s policies related to research procedures and conduct, safety, intellectual property, confidentiality, federal regulations, etc.
  • Each undergraduate recipient must sign a University of Notre Dame Undergraduate Research Opportunity Waiver, Release, and Indemnification Agreement for work to be conducted off-campus.
  • All awardees, graduate and undergraduate, must sign an FIMR/ND Precision Medicine Research Fellowship Agreement, which includes a commitment to submit a written final report on their research and fellowship experience by the end of the summer (final 2018 date to be announced), as well as three photos of the student engaged in research-related activities.

Please direct questions to Corrine Hornbeck at 631-7385 or