Advanced Diagnostics & Therapeutics (AD&T) is a research initiative dedicated to combating disease, promoting health, and safeguarding the environment. Rather than “vertical” coverage of a specific disease, it fosters cross-cutting exploration and integration across multiple disease areas and health challenges. Its goals are to accelerate the research of faculty and students, identify and develop bold new ideas that will have real-world impact, create a community with shared interests from among different colleges and disciplines, and support the training of young researchers. The initiative is an intellectual nexus for a unique combination of researchers interested in everything from low-cost chemical measurements to nanoparticle drug delivery to patient adherence to medical regimens.




In April 2008, Advanced Diagnostics & Therapeutics (AD&T) was selected as one of the first five Strategic Research Investments (SRIs) by the University of Notre Dame’s Strategic Academic Planning Committee. That committee, organized by Provost Thomas Burish, was given the charge of designing “a process to guide the University in investing significant new funding to enhance its research excellence,” with an emphasis on “trans-institutional research projects involving faculty from different disciplines, departments, and schools/colleges.”


The effort to establish AD&T as an SRI was led by Paul Bohn, Arthur J. Schmitt Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry, who has served as faculty director since that time. AD&T was awarded an initial investment of $9.76M to engage Notre Dame faculty in “a multidisciplinary effort to create three-dimensionally integrated diagnostic and therapeutic platforms capable of supporting the personalized health care and environmental monitoring of the mid-21st century” (see Appendix A for the original AD&T proposal).


As currently constituted, AD&T strives to deliver unique value to Notre Dame students and faculty by availing them of opportunities for intellectual and scholarly growth that supplement the work of the departments and colleges. AD&T supports these scholars through group and individual research funding, hosting large multi-university research centers, supporting multi-PI research teams, accessing research materials, and providing student support in the form of scholarships, fellowships, and internships.


Since its launch a decade ago, AD&T has delivered significant and measurable value Notre Dame. Among its achievements, AD&T:

  • Developed new research programs in precision medicine and health-related behavioral science, both the first of their kind at Notre Dame
  • Distributed approx. $950,000 in seed grants to projects involving 43 faculty, which in turn generated $10.5M in new external funding and produced an 11:1 return on investment
  • Supported more than 100 undergraduate and graduate students through various funding mechanisms, including nearly $350,000 in direct fellowship money
  • Partnered with Indiana University and Purdue University to launch a new statewide research and education consortium dedicated to analytical science and engineering
  • Grew from 23 original PIs to 78 affiliated faculty from 10 departments and three different colleges, as well as several outside institutions
  • Has been affiliated by Notre Dame faculty with $34M in new extramural awards and $31M in research expenditures
  • Ranks in the top 10 (out of 72 units on campus) in four of the five major funding categories tracked by the university
  • Supports the Analytical Sciences and Engineering at Notre Dame (ASEND) hiring initiative, which continues to recruit talented new faculty to the university
  • Leads the Center for Bioanalytic Metrology, a proposed NSF Industry-University Collaborative Research Center that will involve more than a dozen new industry partners in Notre Dame research
  • Plays a significant role in the strategic planning process for the university’s new Science of Wellness Initiative
  • Fosters new commercialization activity by supporting research that led has to patents, licenses, startup companies—in areas ranging from traumatic brain injury to cancer diagnostics—and numerous winners of Notre Dame’s McCloskey Business Plan and New Venture Competitions
  • Has supported the research training of undergraduate and graduate-level women scientists and engineers by directing 54% of AD&T fellowship funding to women

Advanced Diagnostics & Therapeutics is a unit of Notre Dame Research.