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Advanced Diagnostics and Therapeutics



The University of Notre Dame’s Advanced Diagnostics & Therapeutics initiative (AD&T) creates technologies and tools to combat disease, promote health, and safeguard the environment. AD&T’s investigators focus on the common purpose of advancing micro- and nano-scale research to improve lives around the world. The application of AD&T innovations range from the home to doctor’s offices to warzones.


A fundamental characteristic of AD&T is the commitment to move discoveries out of the lab and into the field or market, where they can have real world impact. The initiative has established a record of success in generating new intellectual property in areas such as diagnostic biochips, cancer-fighting nanoparticles, and paper-based diagnostic tools for the developing world.



The work of Advanced Diagnostics & Therapeutics is motivated by three drivers:


  • Scientific drivers guide our research. AD&T research strives to promote human health, combat disease, and safeguard the environment. These scientific drivers naturally lead AD&T research to address problems both in the developing and developed world. Speaking to deeply embedded themes of social justice – access to health care and a clean environment as fundamental human rights – these organizational principles embody the AD&T response to the university’s Catholic mission.
  • A focus on how AD&T research can enhance the intellectual and scholarly environment at Notre Dame constitutes a sociological driver for our work. AD&T provides a common ground and support structure for researchers from different departments, colleges, centers, and institutes, even different institutions to come together to work on problems too complex to be addressed by a single discipline. These efforts are naturally knitting the research community at Notre Dame closer together and enhancing the opportunities for multidisciplinary investigations.
  • In addition, there is an economic driver that reflects the impact our research has on the larger community. AD&T research is tightly coupled to translation -- efforts to move our research from the laboratory into the field or clinic and into the hands of those who can use them as a healing, enlightening force for good. Of course, AD&T interprets economic impact to encompass both research into tools and technologies with practical applications that can be reproduced in the context of a company, but also those developments that can be translated into social ventures, non-profits, and NGOs so as to have maximum impact on the developing world.


For recent news and information concerning AD&T's programs and initiatives, please browse our AD&T Spring Newsletter and our AD&T Summer Newsletter.

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