NSF Workshop


Workshop on Chemical Sciences Needs for Mid-Scale Instrument Development

This was a two-day workshop to address the need and potential for developing a mid-scale ($5M - $125M) instrument development program in chemical sciences to support activities in the design, development, testing, and characterization of chemical instrumentation of a scale and complexity that cannot be addressed through existing programs of instrument support. Currently, chemical instrumentation is one focal area for the Chemistry Division of the National Science Foundation (NSF) among others, but work on instrument development is supported largely through individual grants and/or existing mechanisms, such as the Major Research Instrumentation program. The question that was addressed in the Workshop on Chemical Sciences Needs for Mid-Scale Instrument Development concentrated on development of new chemical instrumentation which may require resources beyond those available from individual grants and other existing instrumentation programs.

For more information, please contact: Paul Bohn, University of Notre Dame, pbohn@nd.edu, or Marcos Dantus, Michigan State University, dantus@chemistry.msu.edu.

Hosted by the University of Notre Dame and Michigan State University

Washington, D.C.

November 6-8, 2016

Kick-off meeting: Westin Arlington (801 N. Glebe Rd., Arlington, VA)

All sessions took place at the NSF building Stafford II-Room 555, (Picture ID, passport, required)