Berry Family Foundation Graduate Fellowships

Every year, Advanced Diagnostics and Therapeutics offers the Berry Family Foundation Graduate Fellowships to two outstanding graduate students researching high-interest issues within the AD&T initiative. Each prestigious fellowship provides support for a graduate stipend (12 months).

Application information includes the following:

  • Name, campus address, phone number, and email address
  • A brief statement describing the student’s career objectives
  • A recommendation letter from student's faculty advisor
  • A project title and a description of the project objectives and scope of the project
  • A brief statement explaining the specific role of the student in achieving the desired results
  • A description of the broader societal impacts of the research or project
  • A copy of the student’s CV and graduate transcripts

Application deadline:

The window for applying to the 2017/18 Berry Fellowships will open in Spring of 2017.

Application FAQs

Q: Is this fellowship strictly for graduate student stipends, or can it be applied to post-doctoral research as well?
A: This fellowship is strictly for graduate students.

Q: If I will be graduating next spring, may I still apply?
A: Yes. If there are still funds left after you graduate, it will be used to fund other graduate student research.

Q: Is the fellowship available to U.S. citizens only?
A: No, international students are also welcome to apply.

Q: May this award be taken or used at another institution?
A: No, the student must be a Notre Dame student using the award here.

Q: May a first-year graduate student apply?
A: Yes. The application questions concerning the graduate student GPA will not apply and will be removed from the criteria for the applicant.

Q: May non-ND work or papers be cited on the application?
A: Yes.

Q: Is it acceptable to cite works in certain sections to give relevance or background for the project?
A: Yes, you may include citations in a footnote.

Q: Are electronic transcripts acceptable for this application?
A: Yes, as well as scans of original transcripts for international students. If there is any question concerning authenticity, we will require a physical copy.

Q: If a student has graduate work at two (or more) institutions, may the GPAs be submitted separately?
A: Yes.

For any further questions, please contact Arnie Phifer.