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Advanced Diagnostics and Therapeutics

precision medicine



The Power of Detecting Pathogens

May 07, 2015


Robin Lawler, a junior studying chemistry and biomolecular engineering, has been conducting multidisciplinary research since her freshman year. Robin says, “I want to attend graduate school and become a professor, and I enjoy every opportunity that prepares me for this future.” Further reflecting on her goals, Robin says, “I hope our lab can revolutionize the diagnostic industry with portable, affordable pathogen detection devices.”


Midwest Imaging and Microanalysis Workshop - 2015

Tue May 19, 2015 8:30AM - 5:00PM • McKenna Conference Center at ND - Rms. 210-214

NDIIF Electron Microscopy Research Core, ND Energy, ND Electrical Engineering Department, FEI Corporation, and Oxford Instruments are sponsoring the first Midwest Imaging Microanalysis Workshop at Notre Dame – May 19, 2015 at the ND McKenna Conference Center.